A thousand reasons why I love iPhoto


I was using Nokia 5233 before I changed my cell phone to iPhone 5. The main reason that I didn’t have a high requirement of cell phones was I could get access to a computer whenever I wanted. Cell phones to me were just for phone calls and text messages. I am trendy, but I never follow trends that are not necessary to me.

After I came to Australia, I find that handling streets’ names is actually a difficult thing for me. It is so easy to get lost. Then I started to think ‘is there anything like a map that I can follow?’ I observed that people are actually following navigation on their phones. I felt that it was time to use a smart phone, which can cater to the requirements of daily life in the modern world.

So I went to Vodafone and bought an iPhone5, which I am still using now. I am ashamed that for a long time after purchasing the iPhone5, I still kept to my habits, in that I only used it to call people and text people, besides following the navigation when I went out.

Over time, I feel if people want to add convenience to their daily lives, bringing progressive technological equipment with them is a must. The reason I have this feeling is maybe because the social structure here is too different from China. China has a large population; the average population per acre in Beijing is almost 6 times more than it is in Sydney. It means you always have friends surrounding you and can get favors from them whenever you need. But here in Sydney I am on my own for everything because my friends are living far away from me.

I always have a camera in my bag, so I can shoot whenever I want, to keep a record of still images. When I started to try to use the camera on my phone was when my camera was running out of power. The more I use my iPhone camera, the more convenience I find it adds to my daily life. images

Sometimes when I want to shoot something, I just use the shortcut way to open my iPhone camera. It saves time opening my bag, and finding the camera within the odds and ends that are in my bag. Time wasting is not a good idea when you want to capture stuff that could soon pass. However, it is not the worst thing that you waste time getting your camera out. The worst thing is when you want to shoot, but you just cannot find your camera. The fact is not everyone brings a camera with him or her, but everyone brings a phone.

The iPhone5 is equipped with high resolution and more automatic tech, to make sure the users can get good pictures every time they shoot. The phone also automatically adjusts the white balance, exposure, tone map, and autofocus. If you’re trying to snap an action shot, it can auto-stabilize by taking multiple shots and blending the sharpest parts into a single image. The iPhone camera is not as perfect as a single lens reflection camera, but it is enough to record the stuff happening around us.

Through other apps, such as Facebook and Instagram that be installed on the iphone5, I can share any photos I want in a timely fashion. Friends of mine can know where I am, what I am doing and whom I am with. Alongside this, iCloud as a backup device can help stock more pictures. Therefore, no matter where I am, I can get access to all my pictures that I shot, as long as there is a device and access to the Internet (not sure what you mean by ‘net’ here – Internet?)

The iPhone5 also provides users other functions to share things. AirDrop enables the phone to search for other apple products, as long as people are close enough to you, and you are allowed to be found by other people. After you get connected with other people, you can transfer any picture and document through Bluetooth. It helps you save data.

iPhone photography not only helps people make life easier, but also helps people get more fun by sharing. Journalists are actually taking advantage of it now. By sharing photos, they get a lot of good resources, which can help them work out new articles. I believe with more progress regarding phones with built in cameras, the various benefits for different areas are becoming increasingly possible for the future.


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